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Love of Community

At the core and heart of™ and its Community Network of Residents is the underlying love that we share for our city.

Santa Monica is first and foremost a home to all of its Residents. A home with beaches, open space, sun, wind, and a strong sense of community. Santa Monica is also a destination for those who come to work, vacation, or play in our beach town.  There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained between the Residents, businesses, and tourists. 

Through our Community Network of Residents,
is dedicated to insuring that residents' voices and concerns are heard and addressed by City Hall and that resident interests are at the forefront of all decisions being made by our City Council.
is the Residents' Simple, Efficient, and Effective Direct Democracy Solution; it is the checks and balances for our local City government.

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      Why it Works's
      Veto Power
      - the R•Petition -

      • The Hammer of Strength 
      of and our Community Network of Resident's is our revolutionary R•Petition Process.

      •The R•Petition is
       the simple, efficient, and effective Direct Democracy Tool that works.

      The R•Petition is the inherent Veto Power of Residents over City Council decisions.

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