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Stop the proposed 12-story (148-foot tall) "Plaza at Santa Monica" development project at 4th/5th and Arizona Ave. 

Next project hearing date at City Council:
(Not yet scheduled)

The proposed project at a glance:

Located between 4th and 5th Streets south of Arizona Avenue in the downtown area of the City of Santa Monica, the property consists of a little over 2.5 acres and is a "Resident-owned" property.

The City of Santa Monica is currently proposing to build a massive mixed-use commercial development project on this "Resident-owned" property.

The proposed project consists of the following:
  • 12-story (148-ft tall) high-rise
  • 420,000 sq. ft. of total building (nearly the same size as the Santa Monica Place Mall)
  • 200 room hotel (117,000 sq. ft.)
  • 209,000 sq. ft. of commercial work-space
  • 40,000 square feet of retail
  • 48 affordable housing residential apartment units
Impacts to Residents:
  • A commercial development located on this "Resident-owned" property would eliminate the potential for a grand 2.5-acre downtown green-space park for generations to come.
  • Severely alter the Santa Monica skyline.
  • Creating shadows from the 12 story (148-foot) tall structure.
  • Blocking the sun and ocean breezes.
  • Severely impact traffic and congestion.
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Dear City Council Members,

I am a resident of Santa Monica and I am deeply concerned about the proposed 12-story (148-foot tall) mixed-use development agreement project located on the "City-owned" property between 4th and 5th Street south of Arizona Avenue which you are currently considering as a development opportunity.

As a resident and voter in Santa Monica, I strongly urge that you do not provide your approval to move this project forward at this time as a 12-story (148-foot tall) development. I understand that the proposed project will consist of 420,000 square feet of development with a 200 room hotel, 209,000 sq. ft. of commercial work-space, 40,000 sq. ft. of retail, and 48 affordable residential apartment units. If built as proposed, this project will be nearly the same size as the core of the Santa Monica Place Mall.

Simply put, the project is too big and too tall for Santa Monica as proposed.  

The height limit established in the Draft Downtown Specific Plan is currently set at 76 feet for the easterly half of the project site and at 84 feet for the westerly half. The proposed 148-ft tall project will tower at nearly double the allowable height limits.  This project is not consistent with Santa Monica's General Plan (the 2010 LUCE) or the Draft Downtown Specific Plan and I am asking that as my elected representative you reject the proposed project immediately.

I understand that this property is viewed as an "Opportunity Site" which is owned by the "City of Santa Monica" and that you may consider this property as "City-owned". You may believe that the City has an "Opportunity" to develop this site in order to increase its tax base.  However, I ask that as my elected representative, you reconsider the framework in which you may take ownership of this property to be considered as "Resident-owned" instead of "City-owned".

As a resident, I feel that the "opportunity" for a proposed massive development on this "Resident-owned" property will not increase the quality of my life, no matter what "community benefits" I am promised in return. This project will only increase the traffic and congestion in our City without providing any substantial or worthwhile "community benefits".  If this project is allowed to be constructed, it will simply lead to a decrease in the quality of my life as a Santa Monica resident.

I believe that the City of Santa Monica should not be in the development business to try and make a profit. The City of Santa Monica should not view the development potential of this property at its "highest and best use" from a developer's perspective in order to maximize the development of this site.

If instead, you change your point of view and start to think of this property as a "Resident-owned" property, then perhaps you will view the "highest and best use" of this property as a grand 2.5-acre downtown green-space park.

As the downtown area has now been expanded to the east side of Lincoln Boulevard, this property is nearly centrally located within the new downtown boundaries.  There are currently no green-space parks located in the downtown area bounded by Ocean Avenue, Wilshire, Lincoln, and the freeway.  This "Resident-owned" property would best serve the residents of Santa Monica as a grand 2.5-acre green-space park instead of as a massive "City-owned" 12-story (148-foot tall) mixed-use commercial development leased to private developers.

If the city chooses to develop this property, this "Resident" opportunity on this "Resident-owned property" would be lost forever.  

I sincerely hope that as my elected representative on the City Council, you will hear my concerns as a resident and reject this project at this time.  I love my city and I am asking you to help protect it from over-development.


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