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Find out what decisions are being considered and being made at City Hall that will ultimately affect your life as a Resident in Santa Monica.

By previewing the available Petitions on and subscribing to our Blog, you will stay in touch and informed of critical Resident issues that will affect your life as a Resident in Santa Monica.

Issues such as traffic, congestion, new developments, the environment, parks, schools, city budgets, and new laws that are being considered by City Hall, are all critical to your quality of life in Santa Monica.

Stay Informed, spread the word, and make a real difference through™.

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E•Petitions allow you to Easily Voice Your Concerns and We will Make sure that it Matters is the Voice of Our Community Network of Residents.

Through, you can sign online E•Petitions, that have been prepared by Residents like you, and we will automatically deliver them to your City Council members before key decisions are made at City Hall that affect you.

Through our E•Petitions, you can easily let your City Council Members know what matters to you as a Resident and how you would like them to vote on key issues that affect you. The more people that sign an E•Petition, the more likely it is that the City Council will respond to Resident concerns. It's easy, just read the available E•Petitions on our website and click on the sign the E•Petition button. We do the rest.

Create your own E•Petition on - (Coming soon!)

 As a member of you can create your own E•Petition which we will post on the website and will be available to all members to sign.

Your E•Petition will be delivered to all of the City Council members, together with the supporting signatures that are obtained, both in email and in hard copy formats, by any date that you specify.

Our R•Petitions (The Referendum) - Your Simple, Efficient, and Effective Direct Democracy Tool.
The Veto Power of and its Community Network of Residents

Your voice as a Resident matters and™ will make sure that it does.

Not only do we help keep you informed and deliver your  E•Petitions to the City Council, we also provide our Community Network of Residents a simple, efficient, and effective means of participating in Direct Democracy that works, the R•Petition.

If enough support is obtained through the E•Petition process, on any issue, and the City Council ignores the Resident Community Network's E•Petition, then™ will automatically generate a Referendum, or R•Petition, that will attempt to Veto the City Council's decision on the issue.

The R•Petition will be available to download and print on the website.  The Community Network of Residents can then gather as many signatures (be it just one or as many as they can) and then mail the signed petition forms back to headquarters. will then collate all of the gathered signatures and present them directly to the City Clerks Office for Verification.  If just 10% of the registered voters signatures are verified on any R•Petition the Veto of the Residents is automatically effective.  The City Council must either cancel their original decision or effectively suspend it and place the issue in front of the General Public during the next General Election for their consideration.

The R•Petition is the checks and balances that Residents hold over City Hall. facilitates the referendum process by creating an R•Petition, making it available for easy access and circulation through our community network of Residents and then submits the R•Petition for verification to the appropriate government agencies.