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Stop the Fairmont Miramar Hotel Expansion Development Project

(At Wilshire Blvd and Ocean Avenue)

Scheduled for City Council Hearing on:
(not yet scheduled)

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel Expansion Project at a glance:

Located at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd and Ocean Avenue, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel Expansion Project is proposing to rebuild the existing Miramar Hotel and severely alter Santa Monica's skyline with a massive new hi-rise structure near our coast.

The proposed project consists of
  • 21-story (320 ft) high-rise tower
  • 568,940 sq. ft. of total building (nearly double the existing hotel size)
  • 49,384 sq ft of commercial space
  • 160 new condominiums
  • and only 484 parking spaces for the combined new Hotel, Residences, and commercial space
Impacts to Residents:
  • Severely alter the Santa Monica skyline.
  • Creating shadows from the 21 story structure.
  • Blocking the sun and ocean breezes.
  • Severely Impact traffic and congestion.
  • Overburden nearby residences with overflow parking in the most parking restrictive area of Our Town by not providing adequate parking for its own operations.

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Dear City Council Members,

I am a resident of Santa Monica and I am deeply concerned about the proposed Fairmont Miramar Hotel Expansion project which has been submitted by the project owner for your consideration as a Development Agreement.

As a resident and voter in Santa Monica, I strongly urge you not to approve this Development Agreement as currently proposed by the applicant.  Simply put, the proposed project is too big, too tall, and does not belong in Santa Monica.

I feel that my concerns about the increases in traffic and congestion in Our Town are not being heard by the majority of our elected officials, and it is time that the City Council listens to its constituents.

The current development plans for this site include the proposed construction of a 320 ft high 21-story hi-rise tower located near the top of the bluffs at Ocean Avenue.  Current zoning for this parcel is limited to a maximum height of 45 ft and the proposed maximum building heights for the entire Downtown area included in the proposed Downtown Specific Plan are limited to a maximum of 84 ft. Yet the project developer is asking for your discretionary approval to allow them to build a 320 ft high skyscraper in Our Town.

This project if allowed will significantly alter our skyline in Santa Monica and change our beach town character.  The new hi-rise will cast shadows, block the sun, and alter the ocean breezes that I currently enjoy as a resident.

This project does not belong in my beach town of Santa Monica and it is better suited for Miami Beach.

I am also concerned that the project does not adequately provide enough parking and that the operations of the new hotel, the new residences, and the new commercial spaces will severely impact the adjacent existing residential neighborhoods.  Current plans include a total of only 484 parking spaces, which is not nearly enough for the proposed development.
Simply put, this project is just too big and too tall for Santa Monica and it should not receive your discretionary approval.

When our elected officials approved the 2010 Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE), which sparked the tsunami of recent developments, I was promised that existing residential neighborhoods would be conserved; however, this project will not only impact the surrounding existing residential neighborhood, but will also change the entire character and livability of Santa Monica as a whole.

I sincerely hope that as my elected representative on the City Council, you will hear my concerns as a resident and tell the project developer to go back to the drawing board.  Tell them loud and clear not to come back until they have something more suitable for Our Town.


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